Four Wonders of Manifestation Techniques

Manifesting whatever you want in your life is something that you CAN make a reality. Life can often be a struggle and enjoying great success, wealth and happiness can be sometimes seem impossible. Start banishing these feelings for good and start attracting incredible abundance with powerful manifestation techniques.  

Have you ever truly wondered how amazing the human brain is?

At first, you’d think of it as just another organ of the body, a mass of looped tissues that resides in your skull. But elementary science teaches us how important an organ it is and how without it we cannot live.

Apart from that being the central control of everything however, the brain for most people, do not hold anymore magical attributes.

If you are not familiar with brain power, then here is the 411.

The chunk of tissues you first thought was just an ordinary part of the body is your greatest weapon.

If you think it hard enough, it will happen.

If you believe in it, then by all means let it be.

If you keep on telling your desires to yourself, then the universe will be keen enough to hear it and make it happen.

Your brain is the key to success.

If you haven’t heard of the manifestation techniques, here goes: it is an easy, effective and valuable way of making your desires come to real life.

When most people think about making their dreams come into reality, the things they think they need are usually money, connections and support from friends.

A secret that most people don’t know is that manifestation techniques using your own brain power are more than enough.

Here are 4 easy magical steps to make your dreams come true.


What is it that you truly want?

Is it money, a new love, a lifetime partner or to find a nice paying job you would enjoy?

Think of a desire that is deeply rooted in you like a lifelong dream. A tangible proof like a written letter about your wishes might help as well.


Nothing works better than a positive mind.

If you want something, you have to believe that it’s possible.

Be open to possibilities you have restricted yourself from imagining before.

Right now, your general motto is “Everything is possible.”

Have no room for doubts, fears and uncertainties for they will only eat your dream until it is gone.

All other manifestation techniques won’t work if you continue to become a pessimist.


Arm yourself with a lot of positivity.

Affirm yourself and continue to tell yourself your goal.

If your goal is to have a serious girlfriend within this year, repeatedly say to yourself “I am going to have a girlfriend this 2011.”

Make it a habit until your subconscious lets the idea sink in.


Along with the words, it is once again nice to have tangible reminders of your goal.

Write it down on paper and place it where you can often read it like in a refrigerator door or on a lamp in your bed side.

Imagine your goal often and pay attention to the smallest details.

A mental image would keep on bugging your subconscious to act on its own accord.

Once you have successfully done all manifestation techniques, act and do the work you can to make it happen. What you cannot do, leave the rest to your subconscious and the universe. See your dream become reality sooner than later.

All of your dreams can start from brain power and manifestation techniques.

You can attract whatever it is you want in life. You really can enjoy incredible wealth, success and happiness a lot easier than you think. Discover a proven formula to living out all your wildest desires by applying powerful manifestation techniques.


About rhodrijones

Rhodri Jones is a former professional rugby player of over 15 years, representing Neath, Swansea, Newport Gwent Dragons, Llanelli Scarlets, Wales and Barbarians. He has also achieved a B ED Hons Degree in Physical Education, and is an MA Graduate in Sports, Culture and Society. His interest in Self Improvement began some 20 years ago when starting out on his professional rugby career. He’s read 100's of books on this subject and received coaching and instruction from many top sports psychologists, and motivational coaches. Over those years he's dedicated endless hours of study and research to the area of personal growth and self improvement. Years of study combined with his experiences, triumphs and disappointments as a professional sport, he felt impelled to pass on his knowledge in helping others achieve a more happy, successful and fulfilling life- hence the birth of their (along with his brother and Co-Founder Rob) personal development website
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